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“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” 
                                                  - Voltaire


We are open! Please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer and keep social distance.


We have tonnes of newly donated books, including a lot of contemporary fiction, current affairs and Booker shortlisted titles given to us by local book reviewers : ) 

We are usually* open every day, 11am-5pm *except* on Thursdays when we open 10-4pm, and then 5-7pm (Harrods aren't the only ones who do late night shopping!)  

*We are run by a team of volunteers who also have busy lives! So there may be occasions when the shop is not open at the above times. Please bear with us. 

Many of you have asked if we do Click & Collect: sadly not. But for any enquiries or if you like the look of anything in the window, just email us.

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About Us

House of Hodge is a small, delightful second-hand bookshop located between Highbury & Islington and Finsbury Park. We were founded in 2009 by Dr Doreen Rolph, a popular local and well-read cat lover who wanted to raise funds for animal welfare.  

People who knew Doreen and the shop back then often tell us stories of how the shop was something of a book cave of "organised chaos",
only for die-hard book and bargain hunters.  

The bookshop has become a local institution, and today Doreen’s work is continued by dedicated volunteers.

Still somewhat cave-like - but cosy and with a lot more labels - we think of ourselves as a book heaven/sanctuary where you’ll find an, ahem, hodge-podge of everything, from popular titles to more obscure interesting and rare texts. 

All books are in good condition; some are brand new.

And our name? The shop is named in honour of a cat most beloved to Samuel Johnson - poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and lexicographer, famed for taking 9 years to write A Dictionary of the English Language (1755). It was the pre-eminent British dictionary until the completion of the Oxford English Dictionary 150 years later.   The cat, Hodge, was immortalised in a characteristically whimsical passage in James Boswell’s Life of Johnson. Boswell wrote, "I never shall forget the indulgence with

which he treated Hodge, his cat.”


We Are A Charity

We are a registered charity (number 1193789). Our mission is to support the care, protection and humane treatment of cats and dogs by donating funds to specialist organisations. We also assist local pet owners by providing financial assistance towards vet bills.

Organisations we support include: RSPCA Harmsworth Animal Hospital, where our funds paid for a new microscope last year (we are delighted that there’s a plaque on the wall in the hospital thanking House of Hodge); Animal Aid & Advice, who work tirelessly to rescue and care for abused and stray cats in any which way they can; the deliciously named Catcuddles Cat Clinic who work to help cats in need of affection, attention, rehabilitation and a new loving home; 

Blue Cross, London, who care for sick, injured and abandoned pets; and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who train dogs to transform deaf people’s lives.

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Used Books

We ♥ Donations!

...and we are delighted to receive so many bags-full every week. We have become sorting and pricing machines! But to help us manage - given our limited space - please would you:

1. Filter out any of these from your donation: 

- dictionaries

- encyclopaedias

- text books

- travel guides older than 3 years 

- journals and reports 

- books in too worn or poor condition

2. Phone before you donate! Call us on the day you want to come in and the volunteer on duty will be able to tell you if we have space. 

NB: We can take a maximum of 2 big carrier bags per household/donor.

We can sometimes do house collections: please email us for a call-back. 

Thank you!


Totes Mad!

New tote bags to carry your bargain books home 

Hand-drawn and printed by the wonderful @anniestraus in House colours: minty green & chilled pink.

Stocks are limited so grab one while you can!